Monday, March 12, 2012

Kid Cudi also known as the Wizard. There seems to be a discrepancy.

As a Cleveland girl, born and raised, I always like to support artists from my area because there aren't many successful Cleveland acts. Kid Cudi being the most recent and most popular of them, I support him. But not only that, I adore him. Cudi came with the rise of the black hipsters and the stoners backed him too. He's the kind of guy that never fit in and doesn't really want to. So I'm not entirely sure why people are at all surprised or shocked that he came out with a rock-flavored album, "WZRD." It was bound to happen. If someone as moronic as Lil Wayne can do it, so can the King of Black Hipsters.

Cudi has always been the laid-back guy with an "I don't give a fuck" attitude, but he does care about his music. A lot people on Twitter spewed a lot of hate for Cudi's latest effort saying that the Man on the Moon was truly gone and some weirdo took his place. But honestly I don't see much of a difference in what Cudi is doing now to what he did a few years ago. Yes "Man on the Moon" is Cudi's best album, hands down, but an artist should be allowed to grow and evolve. I like that he's experimenting and exploring new sounds. He even said himself this was just an experiment that he wanted to try. I'm sure he'll get back to hip-hop soon, especially with Kanye West at the helm. Everyone needs to be patient and realize that a true artist needs to be able to feed his creativity, even if no one wants to listen to it. He's the one making the money. Let him do as he pleases.
I happen to like "WZRD" a lot actually. But that's probably because I love rock music anyway. I love when rock and hip-hop are fused together. I only listened to it a few times before I went back to my fun. addiction but I enjoyed what I heard. As long as Cudi makes another album filled with Yeezy-produced beats, then I am all for him doing his own thing for awhile.

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