Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video Game Review- Angry Birds

I recently acquired an iPhone, which allowed me to join in on the nationwide obsession with Angry Birds, this silly video game that has pretty much taken over all forms of gaming platforms. I don't know why it's so addicting but it is. There's something about knocking over pieces of glass and wood and killing those fat green pigs that get me hooked. I have no idea what the purpose or story of the game is and I don't need to know. It's a mindless adventure that gets distracted from homework or class. It has the whole instant gratification effect that I know everyone loves.

I've played Angry Birds on two platforms. One on the Google Chrome application, which was a shock seeing the birds so huge on my screen, the other on my iPhone. On my phone, the controls are obviously different and extremely simple, given that I only have to use one finger while playing it. I find it easier to play on a smaller screen. I've never experienced any glitches or hiccups. The only annoying part about it is the ads.

The graphics are surprisingly very streamlined and clear, but because the game is so touch-sensitive I have to be careful not to touch the screen again until the moment I want to, since some of the birds have a little extra something. If you play with the noise on, it can be a bit distracting from gameplay if you're trying to get serious. The noises the birds and pigs make are so helplessly funny. But I usually play with the sound off. It's hard to find the same trajectories as the previous bird that flew from the slingshot and that is one of the many challenges of the game.

I don't think any of the technologies detracted from the game at all; in fact I think the game is defined by its technology. Every day, Rovio works to improve the game and give players more levels and I think the fact that people are mildly psychotic about their games suggests their formulas work. I think the key to this game's success is its simplicity. I think it's cool that the owners wanted to spread the game to other gaming platforms, but I think it's best on where it originated: the phone. When you try to play on tablets or computers, the effect just isn't the same.

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